To begin participating in the SCPDCA UAP, your company must first complete the Agreement to Train Apprentices (Agreement to Train Form) and join the Southern California PDCA (Membership Application Form) as a full contractor member.  The company application only has to be filled out.  It is then kept on file by the State and the SCPDCA UAP.  There are no fees for completing the Agreement to Train, however, there is an annual administrative fee of $200 that is required annually.

Next, you will need to determine which individuals you want to enroll in the apprenticeship program.  Each of these individuals will need to complete an Apprentice Agreement (see Forms).  Both sides must have original signatures and the form may not be faxed to the SCPDCA UAP.  The original form is required.

Monthly, you will be required to file a Cents Per Hour Contribution Form and a Labor Report Form.  These forms must be received by the 10th day of the month following the reporting period.  The Cents Per Hour Contribution Form must be filed even if no contributions are owed for the month.

Periodically, your apprentices will be promoted to the next level of apprentice.  When this happens, you will be notified by the SCPDCA UAP of his/her promotion.  At that time, you are to complete an evaluation of that apprentice, review it with the apprentice and submit a signed copy to the SCPDCA UAP.  These evaluations will be kept in the apprentice’s file.

Finally, if you are awarded a public works contract, you MUST file a DAS 140, Notice of Contract Award, with the SCPDCA UAP office.

Twice annually the State of California issues the approved Journeyman’s wage.  When these new rates are released, you will be provided with a wage scale for your apprentices.  While the journeyman wage is applied only to Prevailing Wage (Public Works) contracts, the established apprentice wages based on the Journeyman’s wage must be paid on all work.  Failure to comply with this wage scale is a violation of California State Law and can result in severe penalties.

How To Enroll:
A. Company:  Agreement to Train Apprentices (Agreement to Train Form) Form filed out only once and the State keeps if on file.  A $200 administration fee is due at this time.  This is an annual fee that will typically come from the contractor’s cents per hour fund if they have done prevailing wage work throughout the year.

B. Students:  The Apprentice Agreement form must be filled out every time a student needs to be recognized by the State as an indentured apprentice.  This includes returning students who have left town or switched companies; this is known as re-indenturing an apprentice.  If your student is not starting class immediately it is your responsibility to clarify this to the SCPPDCA UAP office or you will be billed for the absences.  Once you have enrolled a student, if there are any breaks or holidays in the class schedule, they are still considered indentured and should start by attending the next available class (It should be within 30 days of the student being indentured).  The Apprentice Agreement must be mailed, with original signatures, to the SCPDCA UAP office, 1405 Warner Avenue, Tustin, CA 92780.